For a change of pace and a little comic relief, wedding attendees get involved in a fast-paced game of
Sometimes, with the right kind of music programming and creative mixing, the wedding guests, bridal party, friends and family just love stay on the dance floor, celebrate and dance. All the DJ needs to do is serve as the Music Director. And then, sometimes, well a whole lot of folks don't know how to dance, don't feel like dancing, and won't get out of their chairs unless they want to go outside and smoke a cigarette. BUT, the DJ has been retained to serve as the "Party Host!" That's PARTY Host. And most all brides want to see the folks she's invited to her wedding reception have a great time. Well, after the protocol is completed, people have eaten, the cake is cut, all the scheduled and planned-for presentations and features have been facilitated, and people, just . . . don't . . . want to dance, there's always PARTY GAMES! And after inserting the right kind of games, there's still the provision for folks to allow themselves to get out and have other kinds of fun, enjoying themselves where the party's at—on the dance floor. Sometimes it just takes more ice-breaking! And, sometimes, games are played during a wedding reception!
Worry-Free Wedding Planning

Written by Andrea Lemoine: New Orleans, LA

Weddings are happy, joyous occasions that are sometimes clouded with months of stress and worry. With a little organization your wedding plans can be a piece of wedding cake!

Begin planning as soon as you set a date. Purchase a planner with checklists, file folders, etc., so that you can store vendor information, contracts, etc. Use the checklist to make sure you are on the right track with your wedding plans.

Try to set your wedding date at least ten months to a year in advance. This will allow more time for careful planning and result in little to no stress.

Get your families and attendants involved. Don't carry the burden of all the planning on your shoulders. Distribute wedding responsibility cards to your attendants, parents, and fiance so that that they are all aware of the duties expected of them.

Attempt to get your fiance involved. Although most fiancs are not into details, more than likely, when he sees you working hard on wedding plans, he will probably want to chip in.

Book your reception hall, ceremony location, and caterer as soon as possible. These are the quickest things to get booked when planning a wedding. Getting it done early will help with the biggest headache and expense in wedding planning.

Plan your budget. Set limit's for each service and product and STICK TO IT!

When booking your vendors, ask if payments can be made monthly, weekly, or however you like. This will help alleviate the final cost of the wedding.

Make monthly TO DO lists for your wedding planning. Follow your overall wedding checklist and attempt to complete the tasks for each month accordingly. Its surprising how much gets done when you do little things each month.

Attend bridal shows. Use them as tools to gather as much information as possible from vendors. Use this information to help you compare prices and packages that all have to offer.

Shop around. Do not settle for the first thing you see. You may think it is a good price- but be sure to look around and compare before making that final decision.

If possible, get an all-inclusive reception location. Many reception halls offer all in one catering, hall rental, liquor, cakes, and other amenities. This will reduce much planning and leave most of the dirty work to someone else on your wedding day, making it easier for you and your family to enjoy.

Make a date once a week with your fiance to go out and do something together - EXCEPT talk about the wedding. Go to the movies, have dinner, go out with friends, whatever- as long as your wedding is not discussed. Often, couples will have awful arguments over trivial things because of impending wedding plans. Having a wedding is like having a job, and you should take a weekly break!

These tips should help to make your wedding plans smoothly and stress free! Good luck, and congratulations!

Cutting Cost!

Written by Melinda Henry, Alabama

Women dream of their wedding since they are little girls, those little girls never imagine that their dream weddings won't come true because of money. What if your parents aren't helping out with the wedding or they can only contribute a small amount? What are your options then? This article is here to help find cheaper alternatives to your dream wedding.

The gown is always an expensive investment. Most women will only wear their dress once and then it will sit in their closet, but yet we all want to have the perfect dress for our perfect day. Sometimes that perfect dress does not come with a perfect price. A different route to finding the perfect dress is to check out, Both of these are great sites for used and sometimes new wedding dresses with wide selections. If you don't want to keep your dress you can sell the dress and make a little money back after your wedding. Don't forget that these sites also have several other items for your wedding, from wedding rings to bubbles that you can find at reduced prices. Also, check out thrift shops, consignment shops and Christian missions in your town as these stores can save you anywhere from 50%-95% off retail. Discount Bridal Services (DBS) can save you between 10%-30%. You can find a representative in your area by using a search engine. Make sure to pay attention to detail and get the information in writing. You can also have your gown made or you can borrow a gown.

Flowers are an important part of the ceremony and reception. But again flowers can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. The first decision you need to make before shopping for flowers is do you want real flowers or fake flowers. The second decision should be, do you need a professional or can you buy and arrange the flowers yourself. If you choose a professional, make sure to check out several shops before picking the one. Remember that just because a florist shop is small, does not mean that they won't have the best deal and fresh colorful flowers. With fake flowers make sure you shop around and compare prices against quality. Keep an eye out for businesses having closing sales or special sales; these are the times you will find great deals. Remember to ask friends who have already had a wedding where they got their flowers. Your friends can help you decide where to go based on their good and bad experiences. If you choose to buy and arrange your flowers by yourself, you can save a tremendous amount of money. There are several books on flower arranging in your local public library that you can check out and read up on. This will let you find the arrangement that you want and show you step by step how to create it. Most books also include flower decorations. Also ask the local florists where they buy their flowers; chances are there might be a flower warehouse nearby where you can purchase your flowers. With only $200 you could buy more roses then you ever dreamt possible. If you don't have a local warehouse, check with supermarkets and florists and see if they will work out a deal with you. Ask them if you buy 100 roses, not arranged, will they cut you a deal. Use flowers that are in season and consider using a lot of green as filler in an arrangement.

Regardless of your budget your dreams can come true. Just remember there are several options in planning a wedding; just make sure you explore all of them and get contracts and documentation before paying for anything.

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