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Here at good ol' Carbon High... the whole Prom event starts with the asking. Instead of just coming out and asking a girl, the guys do some "cutsie" way of asking... *Example: my date gave me a bag of tootsie rolls and balloons filled with shaving cream with a letter that said "Hey 'toots'... I noticed you're a pretty 'smooth' gal, and would 'burst with joy if you went to Prom with me" and then I had to pop all the balloons to find his name.* (The girls answer in some cleaver way too.) In Utah, Prom is a whole-day event. Instead of spending the day primping or yadda- yadda, it is spent hiking, 4-wheeling, going to a nearby miniature golf place... whatever "day date" activity the guys have planned. After the day date, there is usually about 2 hours to get ready before dinner, pictures, etc. happen. We also have a Promenade. Since it's "Junior Prom" here, the Juniors are announced and they walk down a runway as parents/friends watch and take pictures. Since Price is a small town, the newspaper folks are also there and there's usually a page or two featuring the pictures taken there. (Last year, my date and I had our picture in it!) After the dance, people go with their groups to someone's house and just kick back and watch a movie until it's curfew time. Prom here is a blast! :) -- Wendalyn, Price, UT

At my school, we have three major traditions... Winter Ball, which is sponsored by the Sophomores... Junior Prom, which is sponsored by the Juniors... and Senior Ball, which is sponsored by the Seniors. For each class, the class under it works (ie. Frosh work during Winter Ball, Sophs during Junior Prom, etc.) Winter Ball is normally on a Friday night in Alameda.... Junior Prom is on a Saturday night somewhere in the East Bay (ie. Oakland, Berkley)... and Senior Ball is on a Saturday night in San Francisco. Winter Ball and Junior Prom are open to the whole school while Senior Ball is only for the seniors unless you get invited. The tradition is the week before prom you get your nails done and go tanning... the day of, you get your hair and make-up done in San Francisco at a department store and then go pick up the boutineer for your date... The dance normally starts at 8, so many people go in groups to dinner and then to the dance. During the dance there are pictures, refreshments and the crowning of court. After the dance people either go to hotel parties, house parties or the beach where people normally drink and just hang out until the next morning. -- Angela, Almeda, CA

Every year here, we make a big deal out of prom. The junior class hosts it for the seniors (seniors get a free ticket and a gift). It has been held the past two years at the Polk County Convention center because we have had a graduating class of about 550. It is held on a Saturday night. Most people rent limos or go in nice cars. Most people spend Saturday getting ready and going to dinner at an expensive restaurant. At the dance we have a DJ, who most of the time, forgets to play the theme song. Then afterward, we have an After-Prom Party at Valley West Mall, which we rent out. There is usually some cheesy gifts and bad entertainment. Then we all go to a pre-paid breakfast at a designated restaurant. It's a lot of fun, but we always end up asleep all day Sunday. -- Amanda, Des Moines, IA

Prom is always held on Sat. at some big fancy place. One year they had it at the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Ours this year is at some old court house in downtown Cleveland. On Sat., all the girls get their hair, nails, and make-up done. The limo usually picks everybody up at one house, from there we will go to the metroparks and take pretty pictures. Then it is off to prom. The prom is until 12 then we go to the "after prom" at the high school were they have casino, and games. That lasts ‘till 5 in the morning and then we all go home to get ready to go camping on Sunday night, which is just a big party. Then who ever isn't hung over goes to Cedar Point on Monday! -- Jenny, North Olmsted, OH

Every year for the past 7 years, our high school show choir has sung "Friends" by Micheal W. Smith at graduation. It's the perfect song for the perfect graduation. -- Casey, Ft. Recovery, OH

A tradition in our school is... the day before prom, we have Senior Skip Day. -- Jane, Virginia Beach, VA

At my HS, the prom is a really big deal. We hold it in our gym, and it gets decorated really nice. They decorate the outside gym entrance, and set up a red carpet as everyone walks in. They also set up bleachers outside of the entrance to the school, and the whole community goes to watch the kids pile into the school. They come in limos, fire trucks, police cars, buses, horse and buggie, and anything else new an original that you can think of. Its really neat to go and watch, all the dresses and cars go by. -- Stacey, Setauket, NY

The Monday after the prom (which is usually held on a Friday night) a "Senior Skip Day" is held and they usually go to an amusement park or the beach all day long! -- CJ, Atlantic City, NJ

Every year one junior and one senior volunteers to have breakfast at their house. Right after the junior/senior prom, juniors go to one house and the seniors go to the other (or both) and party all night and everyone spends the night there then you all have breakfast early in the morning together. -- Melodie, Savannah, GA

I go to an all girls school and we have a partner all boys school. On the day of prom, the boys go into school in the morning and go to the auditorium. They have etiquette lessons, including which fork to use, napkins in the lap, and chew with your mouth closed. Then they proceed to the gym and have a last minute dance lesson (which never quite teaches them well enough, if you could see their dancing!). After that, all the guys have to write a letter to their date which is presented to them at the prom. It's really sweet! -- Courtney, Newark, DE

the tradition that we have in our school is that most people plan to go to wild wood right after the prom. So that means that for the whole weekend they are not going to be home specialy that we always have the prom for the three day weekend and then we have senior cut day. so we won't be back until wednesday morning to school.see i won't be doing this until the year 2001-- Vannessa, Dover, NJ

At our school the traditions are for our sophomore cotillion all the girls should wear a long straight dress, for junior prom we wear ball gowns, and senior prom is fishtale gowns. At cotillion and Jr. prom the guys give the girls corsages, but a senior prom it's usually a bought or presentation arrangement. After the senior prom, the place to be is the shore where there are usually at least 2 hotels rented out to our school. -- Julie, Gibbsboro, NJ

At my school, everyone comes to prom in outrageous things. The goal is to do something no one has ever done before. Last year, a couple came via hot air balloon, and another couple came in a helicopter. They have used old cars, ski-doos, golf carts, coke trucks, anything and everything imaginable. -- Alexia, Mount Sterling, KY

For our prom, the juniors are the organizers. Prom is on a Saturday, and the Friday before the juniors get out all day to decorate. The cafeteria is closed due to decoration, and the objective for the younger students is to to catch the sacred "peek" of the prom construction. It's a pretty big deal to be kept a secret. On prom night, all the girls get their hair done in the morning, and at night, everyone goes out to dinner. Around 7, it's to the gym, where we walk out on the floor in front of the whole community and get announced. Then, we walk to the cafeteria to see the junior's creation, and it's party time. After prom is over, there's a breakfast, and then there's casino night, which is gambling with chips and an auction for stuff at the end of the night. -- Liz, Dawson Springs, KY

Every year, the seniors have a grad night at Disneyland. We leave the school at 10pm and come back at 8am. The best part is the bus ride. At Disneyland, there are other schools from the whole state of Cali, about 30-50. There are clubs to dance at and rides. Everybody looks forward to Grad Night. -- Monique, San Diego, CA

In my school, the prom is held at the Radisson Seville Beach Hotel. Girls wear loud dresses and the guy Tuxedos. At 12:00 am we do a Senior breakfast and then most of the people do parties at their houses or rent a hotel suite and chill there for the rest of the weekend. As you know, Miami, Fl has beautiful beaches, so that's where most of us rent the hotel room (south beach). C/O "2000" #1 -- Xiomi, Miami, FL

In our school which is Saul, Juniors don't have a prom instead they have something which they call a Junior Ball. It is still kind of a prom but only it is semi formal. But of course the seniors have a prom and it is the best! -- Jaci, Philadelphia, PA

At my school on the day of prom we have a triathalon. There are 5 person teams and people who do it individually. The participants have to run, canoe or swim, and then bike. Each grade has one boys and one girls and one individual race. Then the high school gets out early so everyone can get ready for the prom. -- Lauren Clarks, Summit, PA

At our school, Prom is a major event. It's always on a Friday and at the beginning of the day the Seniors come in to take their Cap and Gown Group Pic and have a Senior Brunch and then are released for the rest of the day. The juniors go to classes until 4th Period and then are allowed to leave. That night everyone goes to really nice restaurants and then to the hotel where the Prom is being held. There is a Senior Walk-In which the parents stay for, then they have to leave. Afterwards they either go to a party or back to the high school for AfterProm which is until about 6 AM. Then everyone goes out for breakfast and most head to the beach. The following Monday is Senior Skip Day. -- Brandi, Powhatan, VA

Hey, it's always been a tradition in my school to go to this island that is on the outskirts of Long Island. Everyone just goes and hangs out on the beach and watches the sunrise. The night before, after prom, everyone usually takes a boat cruise around Manhattan. Very romantic! -- Stephanie, Long Island, NY

At my high school, the proms are what you wait all four years for. The Freshman have a semi-formal *Frosh*..The Sophomores also have a semi-formal dance called the *Soph.* The Junior Prom is a formal event. These three dances are held in the gym. The Senior Prom is extremely formal and is usually held at an expensive city hotel, or a country club. The couples usually group together and rent limos or trolleys. We have a receiving line at the prom and then it's dinner and dancing all night. After the prom, the couples go out to breakfast and then off on a mini- getaway to either the shore or the mountains. It's so awesome! -- Lola, Upper Darby, PA

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