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Hire a DJ for your NC Prom who can paint the walls in shimmering colors, wash the dance floor with a variety of pastels and cast colorful shapes and patterns on the walls and ceilings!



We are also thinking of doing a "007" theme and we would like to have any ideas on how to decorate. Michelle, Kingwood, Texas

London Bridge is our theme this year for prom and i loved the idea because we got it from fergie's song. -- Paige, Bishop Kelly, Boise, ID

Winter Romance -- Anonymous, LBHS, California

A few years back (when I was in middle school) the high school had the dumbest prom theme ever: "A Bug's Life" -- Anonymous, Fayetteville. NC

ONCE UPON A TIME.......... -- Ms. Lady D., JACK BRITT HIGH SCHOOL, Fayetteville, NC

How about some help? Which is better... "A Black and White Affair"--New York Chic, classy, simple, yet elegant OR "A Night in Paris" -- K.U., Pilot Point High School, Pilot Pont, TX

Winter Masquerade -- Helen Peshlakai, Shonto Prep High School, Shonto, AZ

This year I'm a sophomore, and we did "If We Could We Would..." for our homecoming theme. The freshmen's was,"...Be Legit" Ours was,"...Be In the Movies" the juniors was,"...Be Super Heros" and the Seniors did," in SNL." it was really cute  -- Christina F., Buchanan High , Clovis, CA

Getting caught in the rain -- From Perry, CA

Here's to the night -- Lana, Milford Academy, Kansas City, MO


Ok so we have't picked our exact theme yet but we have ideas. So far they are: "Bed of Roses" or "A Night in Hollywood". They both would be mainly black & white with an accent of red. I think both ideas are really cute!!! -- Christina, MHS, Marysville, CA


Our prom last year was Neverland. Our king got a pirate hat instead of a crown and a sword instead of a scepter. We had a freshman dress up as Tinkerbell. It was great! We even had a pirate ship. I strongly recommend this theme it was a big hit. -- Reba, Kingston High School, Cadet, MO

I’m 2nd vice for my council and I was in charge of homecoming and this year we had a haunted homecoming, but it was still a formal dance. We decorated it with tombstones we made ourselves, we made trees out of 2x4's and put oRange lights on it..and we had fog machines all over. -- Karmel Kwan, Chaparral HS, Las Vegas, NV

This wasn't our prom theme it was our homecoming theme but would work great for a prom. We did "Fire & Ice" It was awesome. Our mascot is Tigers so for our picture backdrop we traced a Tiger walking out of flames into a snow and ice covered stream and mountain. One side of our gym was done in red christmas lights for the fire and the visitors side was decorated in blue Christmas lights for the ice. We had a flame archway and a snow archway. It turned out great and we got tons of compliments! -- Laney, Shidler High School, Shidler OK

I being a homeroom officer, was thinking of submitting the idea of, Dirty Dancing, as a theme. Being how I just finished watching the film I figured that would be kinda dawgy fresh. -- Diamond-Jewel, Aquinas High School, Bronx, New York

"I could not ask for more" -- Brittney, Hancock High Hchool, Kiln, MS

Our school is thinking about a James Bond 007 theme for the class of 07 but we probably won't be able to because it will encourage the wrong ideas such as skanky dresses etc. Stupid administration. -- MG, OR

Last year our prom theme was "There's No Place Like Prom" based on The Wizard of Oz. I know it doesn't sound that awesome but it was. We painted all the murals ourselves and took our pictures by the Emerald City. We had a yellow brick road and built the lion and tin man. It was awesome when we got finished. I was really pleased. The year before that we did some like it hot. It was a holly wood theme it was also really cool.-- Katie, KY

Hey! I see that some of you have had or are thinking about doing Candyland if anyone can help me out we are also thinking about a Candyland theme. -- Theresa, OCHS, Ocean City NJ

JEWEL OF THE NILE it was gorgeous!!! We had a golden tent made of gossamer over half the room, that opend into an egyptian desert sky, we had big fabric pyramids that glowed with lights underneath and a giant mural of the shynx, and the nile river intertwining between it all even the walls were covered with stars! it took a lot of money and we went out out, i highly suggest the same to achieve a magical effect, and a prom that will be remember for years to come!
-- KayLee McFadon, Cherry Creek, CO

The Disney Princess Theme -- Estela Morin, Karnes City High, Karnes City, TX

A Knight in the Magical Kingdom: Disney. A Knight on the Nile: Egyptian Havana Knights: Dancing Paradise James Bond: 007.: The Movies A Knight in Super Hero Land: HAHA FUN! A Knight in Barcolna: Spain A Knight on the Nile: Egptian A Knight of Rock -N- Roll A Knight at the Disco

Our school masscot is a Knight. "A Knight in Vegas." This was a really cool theme that everybody had a great time with. Decorating was so easy. All we did was made replicas of some of the neat hotles. Example : Paris, Beligo, The MGM, Monte Carlo, etc. -- SrKcArock, CO

"Midnight in Paris" it was a blast but it could have been funner. They could have had better decorations and ideas. But in the end, it was worth it.

This year our prom theme is Arabian Nights, but the options were (Alice in Wonderland's) madhatter and diamonds and ice. I think the madhatter idea is cool!!! -- Mill City, OR

My freshaman year homecoming our theme was "Under the Sea" then our our sadie hawkins theme was "50's" and our prom was "Secret Garde". This year my sophomore year our homecoming theme was "Arabian Nights." There are all good and unqiue ideas! -- Nicole, Thompson Valley, Loveland, Co

This year our theme was "Escape to the Tropics". We had a lot of fun decorating it was out side so we made palm trees and other tropical decorations. -- Renee Kirkland, Lake Weir High School, Ocala, FL

so our theme last year was red carpet was really kool...we had an actual red not sure exactly wut the fabric was but it was red and it looked really kool...we had 2 different doors going into the room we had it in so for the grand march we had the guys come in one door and the girls come in the other door and meet in the middle then walk thru an arc kinda thingy...we had cardboard figures of famous people like marilyn monroe and them was really neat...-- Stephanie, belt high school, belt mt

Our theme is going to be immigration in the early 1900's. I don’t know how were going to decorate but it should be nice. -- Phil, Bloomsburg High School, Bloomsburg, PA

Last year theme was "A Moment in Time" It was really nice. Homecoming theme this year is a "Night of Mystery" which will be really nice -- Rebecca, Noth Miami senior, miami fl

Our theme one year for Prom was "A Knight for a Princess" ..cute right

Our Theme for our Prom was 007. Since was the class of 2007's prom. They had a classic car brought in to take pictures by, and they had a bar set up were they sold non-alcoholic drinks. I have to admit this year make class we have a hard time beating it. -- Kellie, SCHS, Wisconsin

Last year our prom theme was "Making Memories of Us" -- Jaime,

My freshman year I went to prom and the theme was "Crystal Ball." The colors were pink, black, and silver and there were lights hung everywhere and a little gazebo in the middle which made everything look sooo pretty. Then for my sophomore year, prom was titled "Hidden Treasure." No way did it amount to my freshman year but it was pretty with the emerald green, royal blue, and silver colors. Just a bit of advice, make sure you have kick ass drinks!! That's the best part of prom!! --  Alyson, St. Bernard's HIgh School, California

Our prom theme for last year was "A TOUCH OF CLASS", it turn out really nice. --  Bao XIong, Merced High School, Merced, CA

Even though it's only October and we're all really focused on finishing Homecomming, we've already almost solidified our theme, Venisian Carnivale. We wanted to do Europe, a boat, and a masq. Carnivale ties it all together.  -- From Rachel W., Hanau American Middle/ High, Hanau, DE

We were brainstorming prom ideas this morning. Ancient, Greece came up- togas and such, give it some creative name from Greek Mythology. Black and white classic hollywood was another idea "Hollywoold boulevard" 1920s-1950s hollywood, flappers, jazz, swing.. think Monroe, Garland, Hepburn, Chaplin, Grant, Astaire, Dean, Turner Classic Movies kinda thing... I like that one. Under the Boardwalk. Have like, a carnival thing at one end, and then a bit more romantic "under" part, street lights and park benches... we also have a potential Bond theme going. We were also thinking of maybe a beach theme, something about "black and white and red all over" like- sunburn kinda thing. Have black white and red be the "colors" obviously. -- Emily M.

Well. We haven't really used this theme yet this year but i was thinking we should use A tropical theme and Have our local zoo donate all of their animals and we could have them roam wild all over the country club! It would be totally awesome! I can't wait! -- From Amanda , Joshua High School, Joshua, Tx

"Heaven On Earth" if you really think about the theme, it can make a beautiful theme. -- From Annie, Ball High School, Galveston, TX

This year's prom theme at my school is 'Midnight in Paris'. I'm not sure what it's going to be like, but I'm sure it's going to be a night of fun. The theme says it all!! -- Krizma, Smithfield-Selma High, Selma, N.C.

Our theme is going to be Gangster’s Paradise -- Jordan, Lindsay High, Lindsay, CA

A Night Under the Shanghi Moon, we had chinese fighter fish as centre pieces...its was pretty neat -- Lucy, Guelph Public School, Guelph, GA

"Midnight Masterpiece"...... "Wish Upon a star"..... or maybe "Moon Lit Memories.".. Can anyone help with some more ideas? -- Lindsay, OR

Last year our prom theme was "Come Fly With Me', the song. We draped streamers on the ceiling and themed the hallways and other areas different places. All over the walls of the gym we hung flags from different countries. I guess in retrospect it wasn't that great but I put too many hours into it to care! This year our theme is going to be Phantom of the Opera. I love Broadways so I am really excited and I can't wait to see it! -- Ellen, OH

The 04' senior prom theme at my friends school was "Cities in the lights" and they decorated each corner of their gym with like different cities, like New York, Boston, Holywood and placed like that, they used lots of lights and fake trees and had different cut outs of the big buildings and landmarks of all the cities, it was beautiful, just a theme to think about. -- Kacie, Forest Hills, Maine

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