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HIGH QUALITY SOUND used by our DJs at Charleston Weddings: Set at the right volume and free of distortion! Modern equipment that looks and sounds great!
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When it comes to something as important as a wedding, we feel the sound quality should be nothing but the highest. That's why with Music on the Strand's DJ ENTERTAINMENT, you're assured we'll carry the finest, professional grade gear money can buy. The folks at your Charleston Wedding won't have to raise their voices to be heard while socializing, and the DJ's music won't be distorted when it's time to pump up the volume.

We provide innovative Disc Jockey Entertainment throughout the greater Charleston Area, and will help design and deliver your DREAM WEDDING—from the most elegant formal reception, to an exciting full-throttle celebration! Being YOUR wedding DJ is our full-time job. We are: well-prepared with extensive planning completed for YOUR event, fully-experienced serving brides and grooms for decades, well-equipped with new and modern gear all backed up on site, fully-insured providing you with complete coverage, members of the American Disc Jockey Association delivering what is promised and striving for perfection. Call us! We look forward to furnishing references and inviting you to visit one of our events. 800-359-5618

Charleston, South Carolina is a city rich in history, tradition, and Southern culture. Nearly 4 million visitors a year consider the greater Charleston area as their destination of choice, which is no surprise after taking into account its reputation for outstanding accommodations, entertainment, and cuisine. Here's a website that is representative of precisely what Charleston has to offer the Bride and Groom, and their families and friends, providing you with finger-tip access to anything and everything there is to know about Charleston, SC tourism and the "Low Country." Come explore Charleston and experience its fascinating vacation opportunities first-hand.

"Downtown Charleston is a foodies feast come true. Legendary burger joints, a virtual menu of award-winning restaurants and a lively mix of cuisines. Join the ranks of so many trying to eat their way through Charleston's incredible restaurants." 

"Stand on the site of the first shot in the Civil War. Come face to face with a giant sea turtle. Take a tour of an antebellum mansion. Climb aboard a WWII aircraft carrier. There are so many blossoming gardens, so many photo opportunities and so many reasons to come back to see Charleston again." 

"Whether you've dreamed of a Charleston destination wedding in a historical chapel with a plantation reception or if you've wanted to say your vows in a casual setting on the beach, the Charleston area is just the place to make this occasion an event to remember for you and for your guests."

Make Your Reception Memorable: Hire a High-Quality DJ
article supplied by Gary Mann Productions, Inc. - Belle Harbor, NY
By Gary Heymann

In the Disc Jockey world there are two types of buyers...the "thrifty" and the "picky." The thrifty goes around looking for the cheapest possible price not considering the background, expertise, equipment, etc., of a Disc Jockey and bases their purchase on the cost alone. The "picky" on the other hand is looking for the highest quality performer who knows how to execute a successful event at a market value. The "thrifty" customer will be the on that says things like "What?!!? $1200 for a DJ? What do you think you are a doctor?" This is an actual quote that I heard when a bride called me for a price. I explained to her that if she needed surgery to call a doctor and that I am a professional in my field and warrant a professional fee. The party came and went and months later a friend of hers called mentioning that conversation. She told me that that woman's DJ was "cheap" yet showed up late, was poorly groomed, didn't have the music she wanted and used poor sounding equipment." She told me that the disappointment she experienced taught her that "reputation" is more important than "savings" when coming to the most important day of her life.

The Internet is a wonderful tool in finding affordable entertainment, products and services but one should know the questions to ask so that saving money does not compromise the quality of the service. Some valuable questions can be found at

The American Disc Jockey Association is a non-profit trade organization which is composed of professional disc jockeys who subscribe to the same ideology of satisfying the client while striving to remain professional and advance in the mobile dj industry. The trade organization provides a way for disc jockeys to obtain liability insurance which is widely required by quality catering halls these days as well as other benefits. A "DJ System in need program" which ships an emergency DJ system to a DJ if his is stolen or destroyed prior to an event is also available to the members. Legal support for contract conflicts, breaches and/or resolution is offered as a service to both the DJ and the client in the rare case that a DJ's customer has a complaint. All of these benefits in turn benefit the client since any lawsuit stemming from an injury at the party will be aimed at the Hall, The DJ and the HOST. To save $200 on a wedding DJ and then get sued for thousands with no coverage is just not smart thinking. Someone's Aunt was spun by a dancer at a bar mitzvah and she fell and broke her wrist putting her out of work for a year. She sued the DJ, the host and the catering hall. The non-professional DJ closed his business and the hall had their own insurance...How much do you think $200 paid for in lawyer fees for the host?

The moral of this story is to ask the right questions and treat your Wedding DJ as you would your new car purchase. If you want a Lexus and someone offers you one for the price of a Pinto then chances are you will get a lemon... The national average of a BASIC Wedding DJ is $850 to $1200 dollars per event with insurance, back up equipment, legit contracts, extensive song lists and the correct experience to make your day a success.

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What is your degree of formality?
Adapted from a piece submitted by Beverly Clark "Planning a Wedding to Remember"

If you're still undecided, there's a quick quiz to help you sort through your choices.
A. $8,000 or less
B. $9,000-$14,000
C. $15,000-$23,000
D. $24,000 plus

A. You and your fiance
B. Your parents
C. His parents
D. All of the above

A. Beach, park, garden, or an exotic locale like ski slopes or tropical destination
B. A private home, garden, restaurant, banquet hall, historical building
C. Hotel, banquet hall, private club, museum
D. House of worship, ballroom

A. Family and a few close intimate friends.
B. Your large extended families and lots and lots of friends.
C. In addition to the above, there are many additional acquaintances you wish to invite, perhaps a few business associates.
D. Everyone you, your fiance, and your respective families ever met - you have quite large social obligations.

A. Shy and retiring
B. Neither shy nor outgoing
C. While not quite a party animal- you do love a good time
D. Very comfortable in large crowds

A. Should be a small, intimate affair with lots of personal meaning.
B. Should be incredibly romantic and personalized affair.
C. Should be a lavish celebration to celebrate your love for each other.
D. Is your shining moment to fulfill every fantasy you've ever dreamed.

If you answered mostly A's, you will most likely be comfortable with an informal wedding. Mostly B's suggest that a semi-formal celebration will be most in keeping with your personal tastes. If C was the answer you came up with the most often, then you should at least consider a formal wedding, and if you answered mostly D's, then you very likely will need a very formal wedding in order to be satisfied.
Smoothing the Way to a Happy Wedding
Adapted from an article written by Amy Gumley, Poems To Go

When I got married last year, planning for the wedding was a delight. My fiance and I were in near total agreement about almost every detail of the wedding. We agreed on the time, the place, the size, the honeymoon, the dress and the suit, and the structure of the ceremony. All of this went smoothly between us despite the fact that I am Jewish and he is not.

The problem came after we announced to my Mother that we were getting married. In the months that followed, I learned some valuable lessons that I pass along to you in hopes that it will help you to avoid some of the difficulties that we experienced.

I suppose that mothers probably start planning their daughter's wedding as soon as they are born. The problem is that those plans seem to be held inside until the moment an engagement is announced.

Likewise, most women have thought about their wedding day since early in their childhood. As they grow up, and observe more, they develop their own ideas about what they want when that magical day arrives.

The stage is thus set for a potential explosion when these two sets of expectations that develop in parallel but largely unknown to each other meet for the first time. One always wanted large, while the other small. One always wanted the beach, while the other preferred a cathedral. You can imagine the other variations.

The guiding principle that helped me keep my head on straight during the entire process was the fact that this was MY wedding. Although compromises were struck and modifications were made, I always found this principle helpful. An illustration of this was a controversy that arose over the ceremony. I wanted the Justice of the Peace to make mention of family who had passed on. My Mother objected. I tried to reason with her and considered her point of view, but ultimately I decided to go with it as it was so important to me and after all, it was MY wedding. The mention was brief and tasteful.

The second principle is that money talks. Whoever gets the bill will ultimately have the last word on any expenses. The only way you will have complete control over your wedding, whether it's in Charleston, SC or anywhere, is if you and your fiance pay for the whole thing. In light of this, it is a good idea to establish early on who is going to pay for what. Thus, if you want to minimize any difficulty, try to arrange things so that you will pay for those elements of the wedding that might be controversial. We had a major dispute over flowers. We wanted the florist to put flowers on the chandeliers in the reception room because they looked too bleak and austere without that decoration. My Mother objected and felt that it was "overkill". The problem was resolved when we agreed to pay for the chandelier decoration. In retrospect, it was a good solution and we are glad to have had the additional decoration. The moment that we agreed to pay for the chandeliers, the controversy vanished!

The third principle is be willing to be firm on the important details and flexible on the minor ones. In the process of planning, we discovered some impracticalities in our initial ideas and had to make changes. For example, we expected to have Rabbi perform the wedding because I am Jewish. However, because my husband is not Jewish, and did not plan to convert, we discovered that no Rabbi would perform the ceremony except for a handful who would do so for a very large fee. The only alternative which we ultimately chose was to get a Justice of the Peace to perform the ceremony. As we look back on it now, it was a perfect solution.

In a meeting with the caterer, we ran into an unexpected dispute over an appetizer. My Mother expressed a strong objection to clam chowder which the groom loved and wanted. It could have been a problem, but it wasn't because we recognized the principle of flexibility on minor details. We chose another appetizer and eliminated the clam chowder completely. The idea being to remain firm on the important details and be flexible on the less important ones.

Weddings are marvelous events. The magic of the event will tend to supercede any difficulty. I wish you a beautiful wedding.

May your Charleston, SC wedding plans go smoothly. Music on the Strand's DJ ENTERTAINMENT looks forward to being a part of your special day!

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