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Music on the Strand’s DJ ENTERTAINMENT provides you with peace of mind assurance: Backup DJs, Backup Equipment, a well-defined Written Guarantee, and Full Liability Coverage too!

We provide innovative Disc Jockey Entertainment throughout the greater Jacksonville, NC area, and will help design and deliver your DREAM WEDDING—from the most elegant formal reception, to an exciting full-throttle celebration! Being YOUR wedding DJ is our full-time job. We are: well-prepared with extensive planning completed for YOUR event, fully-experienced serving brides and grooms for decades, well-equipped with new and modern gear all backed up on site, fully-insured providing you with complete coverage, members of the American Disc Jockey Association delivering what is promised and striving for perfection. Call us! We look forward to furnishing references and inviting you to visit one of our events.

Jacksonville, NC is the  commercial center of Onslow County and home to the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and the Marine Corps Air Station New River. Early growth for Jacksonville began with the establishment of a court house in 1755. The town was later incorporated in 1842 and named Jacksonville after President Andrew Jackson. In 1941 construction began on a Marine Corps Training Center, later  named Camp Lejeune after Lt. General John A. Lejeune. Today, the Base covers over 150,000 acres and has become a stable economic force for Onslow County. Both Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station are home to the largest Marine force in the world. As you can imagine, Jacksonville, North Carolina, together with a  diverse combination of people and plain old southern hospitality, makes for a very interesting visit.


Congratulations! There’s going to be a wedding and you’re shopping for a Disc Jockey for your Jacksonville celebration. Whatever kind of plans you’re making, we know you’ll be INTERESTED in what  follows.

We’re sure, you’re looking for a Wedding Disc Jockey who’s well-equipped and has all the music you want played . . . BUT, will he know what to do with these essential tools to FACILITATE A PARTY on your special day?

Most likely, you’re searching for a DJ who’s fully-insured, properly licensed, and a member of professional Disc Jockey Associations . . . BUT, does that mean he’s capable of “delivering the goods” when it comes to carrying out all your plans exactly the way YOU want?

And of course you’re shopping for a DJ who’s been doing this for many, many years, and who’s full-time job is being YOUR DJ . . . BUT, can he use all this experience to help make your reception a MEMORABLE SUCCESS?

We ARE all these things, BUT after serving as the Wedding DJ at thousands of events, we’ve discovered: The BEST kind of Wedding Reception happens when your family and friends — 1: are entertained and have a whole lot of FUN! — 2: are made to feel like they’re a part  of the celebration

On the occasion of YOUR WEDDING DAY, with our skills in staging entertainment, we help bring two families together — as ONE. You’ll experience your family and friends enjoying your special day right along with you, as we “set the stage” for everyone to actively participate in the wedding festivities!

Through many years of applied music programming and mixing skills, we provide the grounds for MORE PARTICIPATION where the party’s at . . . on the DANCE FLOOR!

We’ll assure that the entertainment is well-paced — directing people’s attention and maintaining the focus on all that YOU have chosen to feature during your reception!

And by orchestrating both entertaining and romantic moments throughout the celebration, your wedding reception will possess the kind of impact that creates wonderful memories for you, your family, and friends!

Congratulations on your Jacksonville, NC Wedding Plans! Don’t Delay! CALL US FOR A CONSULTATION.

Ten Salvaging Techniques
Adapted from an article written by Jeanette Hawkinson

If your wedding is in or near Jacksonville, NC, then you can always call in the marines from Camp Lejeune. All kidding aside, wherever your wedding is, you need to have an emergency kit on hand. Always prepare a small emergency clothing repair kit. Include some thread of various colors of the different wedding apparel to be used in your wedding ceremony. Also, include several pins of various sizes, small scissors, and a few paper clips. If something accidentally is torn or needs to be reinforced, you are prepared. One told of leaning over to kiss a relative during the receiving line and he stepped on the front of her gown. When she straightened, the entire front of her dress ripped out. There she stood with a huge hole in her bridal gown. A quick repair job was done with the little emergency kit her mother had on hand and the party continued. These things do happen. Don’t let them spoil things.

Have an auxiliary plan available. Try to spend a little time anticipating what could go wrong with your wedding plan, map out an alternative route, or a plan B, and plan C, for each part of your original plan. If someone suddenly drops out of the wedding party, who could slip into the dress or tuxedo and take up the slack? Do you really need to have the same number of female and male attendants if this happens? Asymmetrical can be just as beautiful as symmetrical. Think of the stars in the heavens or an arrangement of flowers. The more variance the more interest and beauty to behold.

Make your family and attendants aware of the flow and their specific job. Provide them with a simple schedule so everyone is cued in and using the same plan and time frames.
Our schedule for our wedding day is as follows:
1. ____________________
2. ____________________
3. ____________________
4. ____________________

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Bethany, these are the things
We need you to do:
1. A reading at our ceremony using a poem about love and marriage.
Distribute payment envelopes to everyone as marked on the envelopes.

Thank you for your help,
Jill and John

Try to secure an alternate inside space if you are planning an outdoor ceremony. The ceremony and party can continue in warmth and coziness if the weather does not cooperate with your outdoor theme. One couple rented a tent for their reception. it was carefully laid out on the lawn, ready to be raised on the day before the wedding. Because of extremely heavy rain that night, the owner was unable to raise the tent as planned. We can’t control the weather, but we can find ways of beating it.

Imagine what you would dress in if something happened to your wedding apparel. On occasion, the dress of your dreams may not work out for reasons beyond your control, and this can be a devastating blow. Is there another dress in the background some place that you could use? One bride said that when she went to pick up her wedding gown the Monday before the wedding, the seamstress had ruined it doing the alterations. Don’t let a piece of material ruin your day.

Remember that everything can be fixed in some way. The old adage adversity is the mother of invention is sometimes very appropriate for wedding scenes. Something usually goes wrong at some point in the total process. Use your head and imagination to fix it. Make it even better than the original plan. If something is forgotten or overlooked, do not tell anyone and no one will know that something is missing.

Remember your family and guests. It is YOUR day but some special consideration for your family and guests, who may be have traveled far and given up some of their time to be with you, will make your part more loving and fun for you.

Start your plans off on the right foot. If something doesn’t feel just right, pay attention to your instincts.

Keep a small make-up kit with a few essentials in it handy at all times.

When all else fails, whistle. Courage to follow your convictions in the face of adversity is sometimes difficult to summon up. Practice whistling a tune to give yourselves a boost when and if things become difficult with your wedding plans.