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Our Online Wedding Reception Planning Sheets detail everything you want, when you want it, what music you want to accompany it with, and also let us know exactly what you DON'T want. Your Florence Wedding DJ will be 100% prepared to deliver the goods at your reception in accordance with YOUR wishes.

We provide innovative Disc Jockey Entertainment throughout the greater Florence Area, and will help design and deliver your DREAM WEDDING—from the most elegant formal reception, to an exciting full-throttle celebration! Being YOUR wedding DJ is our full-time job. We are: well-prepared with extensive planning completed for YOUR event, fully-experienced serving brides and grooms for decades, well-equipped with new and modern gear all backed up on site, fully-insured providing you with complete coverage, members of the American Disc Jockey Association delivering what is promised and striving for perfection. Call us! We look forward to furnishing references and inviting you to visit one of our events. 800-359-5618


Florence, SC is a city  brimming with history, character, and Southern charm. Chartered in 1871 and incorporated December 24, 1890, the original township formed as a railroad terminal. The town was named after Florence Henning Harllee, the daughter of William Wallace Harllee, the first president of the Wilmington & Manchester Railroad. Today, Florence is a community with a population of approximately 33,000 residents.

The City of Florence is a fine example of a genteel, Southern city. This mid-sized Southern city is large enough to boast a performance theater, symphony orchestra, many ballet companies, museums, festivals, the Pee Dee Cyclones in the Southern Professional Hockey league, and the world-class recreation complex Freedom Florence. Still, the City is small enough to preserve a small-town feeling with a number of tree-lined streets and parks, all of which add to the pleasant lifestyle that citizens enjoy. Residents exude a strong sense of community pride and Southern hospitality. Florence, SC makes a quaint wedding destination.

The DJ Industry is a SERVICE INDUSTRY, and as such, ANY DJ company should provide its customers with the basics. At Music on the Strand, we like to refer to these basics as the “Nuts and Bolts,” the basic fundamentals, which a DJ Shopper should simply expect from the disc jockeys whose service they retain
, in or out of the Florence, SC Area:

PREPARATION — extensive planning with attention paid to each detail

HIGH QUALITY SOUND — set at the right volume and free of distortion played through modern equipment that looks and sounds great

BACKUP EQUIPMENT — at every engagement

— all types, available, for any occasion

— of new and old music in all genres, with a convenient and accessible music database

EXPERIENCE — as a mobile DJ, the more the better

PROGRAMMING JUDGMENT — knowing what songs to play for the best response, and the best time to play them

MIXING ABILITY — knowing how to smoothly and creatively combine one selection with the next in order to achieve the desired effect

MOTIVATING SKILLS — knowing what to say and do to provide the grounds for good times, party fun, and the most participation

— knowing how to set the stage for the most entertaining moment

— always on hand or on call

INSURANCE — providing full liability coverage

VALUE — providing exceptional quality and service

WRITTEN GUARANTEE — backing up our commitment to customer satisfaction in writing

We look forward to providing you with the kind of DJ entertainment you seek.


Five Ways to Plan a Wedding with a Full-Time Job

Adapted from an article by Andrea Pruss

When you pick up that first glossy wedding magazine and begin flipping through its pages in the hazy afterglow of becoming engaged, the number of options available to you as a bride can be a little overwhelming. The average bridal guide starts you thinking about the fact that many important elements of your special day from the church and reception venue in Florence, SC to the wedding gown to the disc jockey and photographer need to be ordered months in advance.

They often also include tips that suggest shopping for all of these things can be made much easier if you can get to a bridal salon or florist shop between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Unfortunately, for many brides nowadays, these are also the hours that are usually spent working at their other full-time job the one that earns them money rather than costing it. The numerous elements that go into a wedding can easily take up most of your time, but there are ways to keep your focus so that you can get the most out of both your career and your wedding.

1. Consider keeping your good news to yourself for a while among your office mates. Weddings in Florence, as in anywhere in the Carolinas are exciting news for everyone around you, and if you start discussing your plans with your co-workers the day after you get engaged, you'll have months of wedding talk to deal with. Too much time spent discussing your wedding with co-workers can make people feel like your career has become your second priority. One bride took her honeymoon during her normally scheduled vacation'time, only breaking the news to her colleagues the month before she left. She got to experience the excitement of discussing her engagement all over again!

2. Try to make wedding-related phone calls during your lunch hour, if possible. If you have your own office, close the door; if you share a cubicle, keep in mind that your neighbours don't necessarily want to hear you debating the merits of beef versus pork with your caterer for the fourth time. Otherwise, be prepared to listen to their solutions! Don't feel obliged to invite every co-worker to your wedding to whom you ve vented. Guest lists can be the source of enough dissension between you, your groom, and your families without adding an entire office. By the same token, try not to imply to co-workers that they'll be sharing your big day if you know you won't have the space.

3. Delegate as much as possible. If you have the funds, a wedding coordinator can really take a lot off your shoulders. If not, your bridesmaids would probably love to take over the responsibility of searching for their dresses. Would your mothers consider searching out the perfect cake and reporting back to you on the weekend? One mother-of-the-bride mastered the Internet so that she could become the primary researcher for her daughter s wedding, searching out dresses, flowers, and photographers and sending the relevant links over e-mail.

4. Consider taking a few days off during the wedding planning process to really focus on getting the elements of your wedding into place. If you and your groom can book some of the big elements (reception hall, church) early, you won't feel as pressured to continually check up on things during the workday.

5. Finally, remember that your wedding is just one day in your life, albeit one of the most pivotal. If it's not entirely perfect, you ll still remember it all your life. Your job, however, will still be waiting when you get back from your honeymoon. Remember to keep your work up to it's usual pre-engagement standards, and everyone will feel happy joining in your joy and excitement.

Looking Your Best On Your Big Day

Adapted from an Article by Tracy Shea

Most women dream of looking their absolute best on their wedding day. In fact, many brides in Florence, SC spend the period of time from their engagement to their wedding day, toning up, losing weight and eating better. But while dreaming about becoming a buff bride is one thing, actually becoming one takes work. Here are some easy tips to help you get in shape for your big day.

Set goals -little by little  Maybe your ultimate goal is to lose the fifteen pounds that you somehow gained since college. But instead of trying to tackle losing all that weight at once, start by taking baby steps. First strive to just start exercising more by walking for 30 minutes after work. Once you've got that down then start eliminating the sweets. Next work in some light weight training. Before you know it you'll be halfway toward meeting your ultimate goal  and it will seem a lot easier than facing it all at once.

Be a slacker  No, you're not going to meet your goals by eating ice cream every night. But that doesn't mean you can still indulge yourself. Set a night a week where you can eat your favorite dessert  but only if you've stayed on track all week. Or make one day a no-exercise day and spend it on the couch. That way you won't feel deprived from the things you love.

Get a buddy  Coming up with excuses to skip the gym is easy if you only have yourself to answer to. But its a lot tougher when you have a work out buddy relying on you for motivation. Get a friend or coworker to exercise with you once or twice a week. It will make meeting your work out goals a lot easier  and much more fun!

Mix things up  If your new exercise regiment consists of running, running and more running, you'll probably get bored pretty fast. Mix up your work outs with a combination of different types of cardio, flexibility and strengthening exercises. It'll give you a better total body workout while keeping things fresh.

Leave your car at home  Need to run a quick errand? Make it really worth your while and walk to the store. You'll still be able to do the things you need to do, while getting in shape. Doing this a few times a week can really pay off!

Write it down  Do you really know what you're eating? You may be surprised. To take a closer look at your eating habits, start a food journal. Write down everything you eat (and drink!) for one week  you'll see where you're overindulging and where you're not getting enough of what you need. Plus, its harder to feel good about bingeing on sweets when you know you'll have to be reminded of it the next day.

Reward yourself  Not that looking and feeling your best on your big day isn't reward enough, but sometimes it helps to have smaller rewards to help you along the way. Use those new shoes you've been eyeing as bait and buy them for yourself once you've stuck with your regiment for two weeks. Or reward yourself with a professional massage once you've stayed on track for one month. These little rewards will make it a lot easier to stay motivated.

Accept defeat.  Keep in mind that there will probably be days when you get off track. Just remember that tomorrow is another day. And no matter what, when you walk down that aisle during your Florence wedding, you will be gorgeous!

May your Florence, SC wedding plans go smoothly. Music on the Strand's DJ ENTERTAINMENT looks forward to being a part of your special day!

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