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Magik casino games: roulette

There are myths and legends about how the Roulette games have been developed up to become what they are today, and these stories are different. Soldiers Greeks and Romans played games with round shields or wheels for thousands of years. However, Roulette has been accredited to Blaise Pascal, a french mathematician philosopher writer. It is said that he invented the wheel for the game by trying to create a machine in perpetual motion in 1655, but his plan failed.

However, some say that these are the french Dominicans who introduced the game in Europe towards the end of the 17th century. Others say that many similar to roulette games had already been created in the 18th century. Two of these are Even and Odd of England (E – W) and the Italy Hoca. These theories are true or not, Roulette was a real success in Europe towards the end of this century. Several wheels were in the Palace of the Sultan Turkish Selim III, and the Russian Empress Catherine the great had too many. At the time, the wheel had 36 red and black numbers, as well as compartments 0 and 00. Players could make bets similar to those of today, including hand or odd, Direct, red or black, dozens and columns.

In the middle of the 19th century, it is said that Louis and François white introduced in Germany to single 0 Roulette. Then, the french settlers brought the game in New Orleans in America, resulting in the spread of the casino Roulette games. The tables were installed in the saloons, and the game became so popular that it spread to the West Coast. The wheel has been changed, with a pocket with an American Eagle or a 00 colored green. Nowadays, this version is considered as American Roulette, while version which has a single pocket of 0 is considered European.