Party Props as Part of the DJ Entertainment, DJ Party Props

Remember when you went to a birthday party as a kid and were given those blowout noisemakers and cone-shaped party hats? Fact is, most people never outgrow their love for adorning themselves with party things and playing with “toys.” This is especially true when these “adult” party props are dispensed in conjunction with music, dancing, and a celebration.

We can use a wide variety of party props to compliment a specific song, add finesse to a party routine, or spice up the spontaneity on the dance floor.

Simply put, party props are employed to enhance the fun!

BUBBLE MACHINE: Bubbles can be used too add a further touch of romance to the Bride and Groom’s First Dance, or at any gathering, during a nostalgic slow dance. Sometimes, we simply provide a drift of bubbles over the dance floor, just for fun. The machine is most effective when positioned well above the dancers, mounted on the arm of a light tree or on a lighting truss. The effect of the bubbles is nicely highlighted by shafts of colored light.

CONFETTI CANON: Confetti can be launched during the standing ovation for the bride and groom as they enter the reception hall, or to signal the start of the partying. Creating a visual burst of energy, it also compliments the excitement at the outset of a favorite, high energy dance song. We use “flutterfetti” which we sweep up and dispose of after the celebratory launch.