Staging Memorable Moments During the Bar Bat Mitzvah

At M I T Z V A H  C E L E B R A T I O N S , immediately following the candle lighting ceremony, we frequently schedule a full-blown Hora segment segueing into a joyous session of partying featuring the Guest of Honor with his or her friends, the friends of the family, and older relations celebrating on the dance floor together.

During the planning process, it is determined who will be lifted in the chair(s), and who will be holding the chair(s). The chair(s) are positioned near the dance floor in readiness. It’s also established if any gifted guest or relative would like to enhance the Hora production, because they possess a strong and melodic singing voice, they will be ready with a hand held microphone to lend their singing talents to sections of an instrumental version of the Hora Medley.

As the Candle Lighting Ceremony is completed, the DJ makes an excited and enthusiastic announcement:

“Ladies and gentleman. . . it’s time for the Horrraah!”

Simultaneously, a seven and a half minute Hora Medley kicks in at the appropriate volume. The DJ irresistibly encourages “EVERYBODY” to join in. This moment is always filled with jubilation and excitement. As the Hora Medley reaches its climax and concludes, the DJ elatedly reminds everyone, “It’s a Bar Mitzvah Celebration! I’m sure you’ll agree, we have a lot to CELEBRATE!”

While this announcement is delivered, the introduction to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang commences. Immediately following the introduction, a confetti canon shoots confetti streamers high over the heads of the crowd still on the dance floor. At this point, a brilliant addition of lighting effects is added to the washes of color that accompanied the Hora. Those partying on and around the dance floor are inevitably drawn into the continued festivity. Soon, “Celebration” flows into an overlaid, beat-mixed introduction to the “Cha Cha Slide” by Casper as the DJ/Party Host joins those on the dance floor and leads the crowd in this easy line dance, fun for all ages.

Props for the game that is to follow are already in position, and game assistants are already selected—all part of the party-staging approach to hosting the high impact, and fun-filled event that is a Bar / Bat Mitzvah Celebration.