Poker is considered as the most challenging casino game ever. It requires a certain level of mind skills, to perfect the game level and claim yourself as a poker wizard. Throughout the years, many variations and forms were born, that the gambling audience gladly accepted it. Today we can freely say that besides regular poker, video poker is the most played variant. Players find it more amusing and profitable option. To learn video poker properly, start by free playing at poker video gratuit. You will find everything you need there and even a little extra.

The Magical Spin casino accepts a variety of different payment methods for deposits and withdrawals of winnings. For example, many credit cards major such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro are accepted, and transfers are almost instant. In addition, for more convenient and direct payments, Magical Spin also accepts direct bank transfers and transfers from any international bank that allows transfers to casinos. In fact, a number of European banks do not. That’s why players should always make sure to confirm the payment method they choose, with their financial institution before attempting a transfer.

In addition to the methods of traditional payments, Magical Spin Casino also accepts a variety of electronic portfolios and electronic means of payment. E-wallets operate as electronic debit cards, allowing players to transfer the money to a separate account using their bank account, a bank transfer or credit card. They can then use this separate e-mail account to make payments from the sellers online, casinos, and more. Magical Spin international players have a lot of electronic payment options available and can choose the company that is right for them based on their own location and availability. Thus, they can use eWallet like Neteller and Moneybookers companies, such as EcoCard e-cards or electronic transfers or eWire, Abaqoos. Many customers prefer these payment methods, because they offer more security between the players and the online casino.

All payments accepted on Magical Spin through Web Dollar, one of the partners of the casino. Web Dollar provides online payment solutions and reliable electronic since 1997 and prides itself on offering one of the safest transaction means available. Therefore, all transfers to and from the Fund of Magical Spin Office are treated with strict protocols on security with a 128-bit encryption. This allows to retain security information financial and personal players, regardless of the payment method they choose.

Poker has been one of the numbers one of the playing cards in the world for centuries and has been very well converted in the world of betting online.As this game is also popular worldwide, it is not difficult to find poker games online for french speaking players. Indeed, there are many versions of online poker available on Magical Spin. The same graphics that the sounds of these sounds are fluid and improved every year by the creators of casino software online. Online poker players can choose a 3D version of the game which includes customizable avatars which can represent them. The online poker 3D effects are very realistic, and players can customize what their avatars look like and how they express themselves. Some experienced poker players regularly earn a lot of money playing online poker.

The history of poker

Poker is one of the most played games on Casino online, and its beginnings in China and ancient Egypt where a similar game was played. However, we can trace the origins of the current version of the poker to the Primero whose historical records indicate the first appearance in Spain in 1526. Indeed, one of the main features of Primero was the concept of bluffing in which a player was when he had a bad hand. Then, the french colonists who settled in the Canada took the game of poker with them. The game has once again migrated with the colonists in America, where it was played on the boats on the Mississippi River. He was known as the ‘cheating game’ because it was the only card game in which players could lie about their hand when they were bluffing. Finally, when Magical Spin Online Casino began to put games online for purposes of paris, it was only natural that the poker be added to the list of games on the site. This game is regularly improved and updated.