Joe Durivage, Certified DJ/MC Party Host

JOE DURIVAGE has been entertaining folks since 1970! Hailing from upstate NY, we’ve been proudly representing Joe, his DJ entertainment, and people skills, since he moved to North Myrtle Beach over fifteen years ago. There’s nothing pretentious or fancy about Joe, and we think that’s why folks love him so much. He’s a regular, down to earth guy who thoroughly enjoys people, genuinely aims to please, and ALWAYS goes the extra mile to satisfy his clients. During their inaugural season, Joe was the DJ of choice at the new North Myrtle Beach Bay Watch Resort, where the waitresses declared when he was there they received twice as much in tips. For the last three seasons, Joe enjoys House DJ status for poolside entertainment at Ocean Creek Resort and the Myrtle Beach Hilton. Ever-smiling, and ever-friendly, Joe’s obviously got a way about him that pleases everybody.

With over thirty years of success as an entertainer, Joe has accumulated a large repertoire of programming ideas and dance floor routines. Naturally, when it comes to formulating play lists and choosing the most effective musical selections during an event, his experience yields a reliable scientific approach and working knowledge. However, as with any true professional, Joe reveals an almost fervent desire to embrace new music programming approaches and innovative mixing techniques. Simply stated, he knows what to play, and when and how to play it.

And when it comes to being prepared, whether it’s fine-tuning each aspect of the “Planning Sheets” for a Myrtle Beach Reception, or purchasing a cartload of “give-aways” for a Pool Party, no Disc Jockey in the Myrtle Beach Area is more conscientious.

One routine he likes to refer to as his trademark is used regularly at wedding receptions for the last dance. He invites all friends and family members up to the dance floor having them gather around the newlyweds forming a “circle of love.” Everyone is reminded that the bride and groom are exceedingly lucky, because in addition to the love they share with one another, they can also count on the lifelong friendship of everyone in the circle. While the newlyweds enjoy this last dance of the evening, everyone is encouraged to let them feel their love along with their good wishes for a wonderful marriage.  Joe then plays “That’s What Friends are For.” Each time there’s a repeat of the chorus, “Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me…” everyone’s invited to take one more step closer to the bride and groom. The result is a circle surrounding the bride and groom overflowing with affection and a great feeling.

In keeping with our company policy and assuring you, the entertainment buyer, the best possible sound quality and reliability, Joe is constantly upgrading his equipment. He utilizes the latest sound reinforcement by Bose, as well as state of the art mp3 technology, which translates into, organization, speed, and accuracy. He’s not just a nice guy—Joe Durivage strives to stay on the cutting edge in the DJ industry, and it shows!