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Do you have lots of WEDDING EXPERIENCE?
Yes. Each of us has provided entertainment at weddings on a full-time basis for many years, which means to you when retaining our services, you’re getting a professional who not only is well-aquainted with wedding entertainment, but is able to devote his time and attention to every aspect of your reception plan, and as a result, will attend to all the fine points that go into making your celebration a success.   Back To Top
How good is your SOUND QUALITY?
We have invested thousands of dollars into each of our DJ systems to insure the very best sound possible for your wedding day, which means to you that your guests will be able to enjoy the quality and clarity of the music even at very low levels during dinner so they can talk to each other and catch up on old times and as a result, they won't have to scream to be heard, they'll have a wonderful social event with folks they haven't seen for a while and when it comes time to dance and have some fun, the music won't be distorting at higher levels like cheaper and inferior equipment would.   Back To Top
Can you follow and carry out our WEDDING PLANS?

You're the boss! We thoroughly prepare ourselves to implement all of your plans by following comprehensive planning sheets addressing all aspects of your wedding reception. This means to you on your wedding day, we’re in the position to see everything is well-paced and goes smoothly. You won’t have to concern yourself with what’s going to happen and when, and as a result you can enjoy your spouse, family and friends, knowing what you’ve chosen to feature on your special day will be presented in accordance with your wishes.  Back To Top

Are you good on the MICROPHONE, and how are you as an M.C.?
Because effective microphone skills contribute so much to a professional presentation, in addition to being schooled on when to use the mic and what to say (and what not to say), we have applied ourselves to developing good enunciation and the proper use of inflection. Also, attending a 16 hour national Master of Ceremonies Workshop presented by Mark Ferrell, one of the wedding industry's leading authorities on entertainment, has provided us with training in how to capture, direct, and maintain the attention of your attendees, keep them informed about what is or is about to happen, and guide them so they know what do to participate. This means your guests will be able to better and more comfortably understand important announcements, introductions, and applause cues and as a result, will know what is taking place while feeling they’re included in the festivities and are a part of your special day.   Back To Top
Is there a MICROPHONE FOR US to use?
When it's time for the blessing, toasts, and other special addresses, we put an expensive cordless microphone into the hands of those whose turn it is to speak. We do this prior to the time they will actually address the crowd, which means to you, there’s no awkward stumbling and fumbling between the time folks are alerted that something’s going to happen and the time it actually does, and as a result, your guests experience themselves as part of a smoother more impressive wedding celebration. We also carefully monitor the volume to each individual's voice, and as a result everyone can enjoy what's being said without straining their ears.   Back To Top
What if I want my Reception to be LOTS OF FUN?
“Fun” is the most frequent response brides and grooms give when asked what’s their highest priority for their wedding reception. Hence, as part of the planning process, we confer with you about what fun activities, fun memorable moments and fun dance floor routines you want to include as part of the festivities. Generally, your preferences and selections will be defined on your planning sheets. While crafting your reception plan, with your input we address each segment of your celebration, determining what you want featured to contribute to the fun during cocktail time, the grand entrance, mealtime, special dances, and open dancing.    Back To Top
Can I CHOOSE THE MUSIC that I want?
Good music programming is a skill that enables a seasoned DJ to know what to play and when to play it. We can provide ANY kind of music. Our "Online Music Database" has thousands of selections from which to choose. When you select a song from the database, you can place it on a "Must Play" list. (You can even make a "Do Not Play" list.) Later, when you submit your list, it's automatically e-mailed to our office. If there's somehting you can't find, we'll get it. This all means to you that you can have as much input into the finer details of music selection as you desire, and as a result, can feel assured that your music on your special day will be tailored towards the happiness of you and your fiance.   Back To Top
Befitting your important day, our professional equipment is all rack-mounted and we take the extra time to assure the "setup" for your reception looks aesthetic, orderly, and well-balanced. All wires are properly taped down and everything is well-organized which means to you that you not only get great sound, but everything looks great too. How we’re attired is up to you. We can even color-coordinate our formal wear to compliment your wedding colors. As a result, you'll never have to be embarrassed or distracted, but on the contrary, very pleased by how we dress and the appearance of our equipment.   Back To Top
In accordance with your wishes, we can provide a variety of classy lighting and effects that will contribute to the atmosphere you prefer for your reception. For something as important as your wedding, we like to use computer-driven “intelligent” lighting fixtures that create a wash of color on the walls, ceiling, and dance floor that can compliment your wedding colors during mealtime and later lend some visual excitment during open dancing by changing to the beat of the music. For more excitement, we have the capacity to transform the banquet facility into your own private nightclub, employing the same effects used on TV and Broadway. You might want to consider casting your monogram inside a heart onto the center wall, projected over a wash of textured light in your choice of colors. For your first dance and last dance, there’s always the opportunity to produce a gentle waft of bubbles floating over the dance floor. Some brides and grooms even like the idea of a confetti launch to signal the start of party-time festivities. All of this means to you there is a wide variety of impressive options from which to choose, and as a result you can dress up your party and make it as subtly sophisticated or as as dazzling as you desire.   Back To Top
Our rates are not based on the status quo, but on the quality of our service. Our role ranges from serving as your Music Host, to Master of Ceremonies, to Reception Planner, to Reception Coordinator and Entertainment Director. If you consider the extent we are responsible for your wedding celebration’s success, you’ll conclude that what we contribute towards that success is very disproportionate to what we charge. We enter into hours of extensive planning, in order to craft the reception that will make your wedding unique and wonderful in accordance with your individuality and personal style. We want to assure that everything will be just the way you want, which means to you you'll get more value for your money, and as a result, when you evaluate how we contributed to the success of your reception, you will never regret your decision to engage our services. We look forward to speaking with you at your convenience. Please feel free to contact us for an informative consultation. You'll be very glad you did! Our Wedding Price Ranges    Back To Top

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