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Packed dance floors and wedding guests having a great time!Wedding DJ entertainment that pays off! Party Props enhance the celebration.More party props during the wedding festivitiesA well-staged Garter ceremony yielding an entertaining spectacle for everyone in attendance.Friends and family celebrating together where the party's at: on the dance floor.
The Role of Reception Entertainment GREAT ARTICLE!
Adapted from an article written by: Peter Merry
As published in the February/March 2002 issue of Southern California's Wedding Super Guide
Picture a lavish wedding reception inside a beautiful white tent on the driving range of a country club.  When you first enter the tent, you notice the central tent pole going up 40 feet in the air, but then you are immediately captivated by the twinkle lights, tooling, flowers and other decorations that let you know this will be an extravagant evening to remember. The cake is breathtaking, the chairs are covered with white linens, and the candles on the tables are giving off a warm glow. But then you notice that the central tent pole is a neon orange color and is covered with hundreds of surf-wear stickers.

The entertainment you choose for your wedding reception is the central tent pole!

If the entertainment at your wedding reception doesn't match the impression you have worked so hard to create, it will stand out like a sore thumb. If the central tent pole in the description above were to collapse, all the decorations would be blocked from the view and the pristine atmosphere would be ruined. The same thing can happen if the entertainment you choose for your wedding reception is anything less than professional.

This one choice will have the largest impact on whether your dream wedding reception will become a reality or a nightmare.

Take the time to interview your entertainment provider, whether you choose a band or a disc jockey, and ask them the right questions until you find the one professional you can trust implicitly to provide the level and style of service your wedding reception will require.

Pay attention to the way they treat you. Are they listening to your ideas? Are they taking any time to get to know you? Are they interrupting you? Are they doing all the talking?

Will they take care of your entertainment needs personally? Can they back this up in writing with a money-back guarantee?  Can they provide references from former clients to verify this? Can they supply wedding vendor references who have seen them perform multiple times?

Will the music, announcements and entertainment fit the atmosphere you want to create? Will the entertainment provider refer to you as “The Bride & Groom” all evening, or will they use your names when speaking about you to your guests? Do they see their vocal role at your wedding reception as just an announcer or as your spokesperson? Do they understand the difference?  How will they help create the mood you have envisioned?

Your wedding reception will be a fabulous day to remember, whether you choose the very best entertainment or just an average entertainment provider. However, if that central tent pole collapses, it will be nearly impossible to repair the damage. Take your time and choose wisely.
According to several national sources, after their wedding, 72% of all brides say they wished they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.

According to several national sources, after their wedding, almost 100% of all brides say they regretted not spending more on their reception entertainment.

Cost of Recception Hall, Wedding Ring, Bridal Party Attire. Flowers & Cake, Photo & Video, Gown, Entertainment and Miscellaneous versus what is remembered most.
During wedding planning, brides say their highest priority is their attire, followed by the reception site and caterer.

Reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities. Yet, within one week after their reception, 78% say they regret not making the entertainment their highest priority.

When asked, 81% of guests say that the entertainment is what they remember most about the reception they attended.

We look forward to helping make your wedding dreams a reality.


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