A Poolside DJ Party Host is not just a music man, but also a master of ceremonies, a showman, a game show host, a line dance instructor, a technician, a prop manager, and most importantly your “Ambassador of Good Will.”

For your guests' enjoyment during an afternoon of family entertainment, he can provide literally every appropriate genre of music under the sun.

For your guests' gratification, he can satisfy the full gamut of their appropriate music requests, and introduce the songs in the form of personalized dedications.

For your guests' amusement, he can get out amongst the people and conduct a variety of hilarious games and contests.

For your guests' entertainment, he can set the stage and play music for ALL forms of dancing.
The following was put together from an informal survey of reactions regarding who they preferred: The Poolside DJ or the Poolside Band, taken at Myrtle Beach oceanfront hotels over a two-week period in July, of 2002. The green text on the left refers to the DJ Entertainers and red text on the right refers to the “Live” Bands.
"We love the variety! There's
something for evereyone."

"I think it's cool the way he comes right
up to us and takes our requests."

"It's like having our own radio station
on the pool deck!"

"I like it when he's here because
he gets the ladies dancing!"

"The kids can't wait for him to start!"

"One of the reasons we come out each
day is to see what we can win."

"I like to watch what the DJ does with the kids.
I've never seen the Macarena
done as a conga line before!"
"Everything they do
sounds the same!"

"They don't know the songs
I want to hear."

"There's lots of blank spaces
and down time."

"I like to watch the girl sing, but there's
definitely some notes she doesn't hit."

"They're a little boring, aren't they?"

"I know they're trying, but they just
play the same stuff everytime I hear them."

"They're okay, but we have a whole
lot more fun when the DJ's here.
Over 90% of those surveyed preferred the DJ Entertainer over the "Live" Entertainment (two and three piece bands). It makes one think! If the Poolside DJ Party Host regularly has more impact and creates an overall better impression, it's conceivable he can be considered more "Live" than the "Live" Entertainment!

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