"Choose someone who has the talents you find appealing, the skills to turn your dreams into reality, and the personality to entertain your guests in a style and manner that will fulfill and exceed your expectations.*"
The difference between a traditional wedding coordinator and your wedding's Entertainment Director is the latter accommodates all that happens during your wedding celebration from an entertainment standpoint. From this perspective, the aim is more than following your wedding planning sheets and making sure the traditional wedding protocol goes off smoothly. When approaching each aspect of your ceremony and reception from an entertainment standpoint, your attendees will be included throughout the festivities with repeated, fun opportunities to participate, feeling they are an important part of your celebration and not just bystanders. They are impressed, they enjoy themselves—they are entertained.
All this is accomplished through your input and in accordance with your individuality. Because your Entertainment Director is specially-trained and possesses many years of experience in all phases of providing entertainment at weddings, together you can enter into a comprehensive planning process and craft a one-of-a-kind reception. As a result the opportunities to involve your guests and the memorable moments you choose to include are created uniquely for your event. Your celebration will be a reflection of you—your individuality, taste and personal style. On the day of your wedding, your Entertainment Director will serve as your personal spokesman, utilizing carefully-honed master of ceremony skills, assuring the attention of your guests will be captured and maintained. Because they are entertained and enjoying themselves, they will remain for the duration of the party. The goal is to treat all those attending your reception to the best wedding celebration they have ever experienced.

Everyone agrees your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Your Entertainment Director is capable of providing the assurance that your unique vision of this most special day will be realized and enjoyed by your family, your friends, and most importantly by you. If you are interested in learning more, we would welcome hearing from you to set up an initial consultation.

* reprinted with permission from "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!" by Peter Merry

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