This System IS a Marvel of Modern Technology!
The L1 Cylindrical Radiator™ System by BOSE© (Bose Personal Amplification System - P.A.S.)

We serve as Referral Specialists for Bose Corporation.  Please feel free to get in
touch with us if you are considering the purchase of a Bose Tower. 800-359-5618

A DJ from Greenville, RI reports, “Another great feature is the wide sound distribution. The 180 sound dispersal is no joke. It sounds crystal clear in all corners of the room. Even in back of the system the sound is great. I had absolutely no one tell me to turn it up or down. That's a first.”
A DJ from Wellington, New Zealand reports, “The initial sound check showed a spectacular spread of full-range sound compared with my more conventional Mackies. I could hear almost every single detail no matter where I was in the room and typically this room has dead areas and hot spots for sound. Later in the night the venue’s owner commented on how elegant the system was and specifically how nice it was not to have her head ‘blown off’ as she walked past the speaker.”

A DJ from North Myrtle Beach, SC reports, "Because of the room's acoustics and layout, I used just one tower with 2 bass modules at a prom with 500 students, and kept them pumped playing mostly Hip-Hop all night. The one system delivered plenty of satisfying bass and I had plenty of unused headroom for extra volume. As always, there was nothing but compliments on the sound!"

A DJ from Columbus, OH reports, “The overall sound is more pleasing to more people than any other sound system I have used.”

A DJ from Maui, Hawaii reports, “The music sounded outstanding!! There were some musicians there and they commented on how clean it sounded.”

A DJ from Farmingham, MA reports, “There are no words that can describe how I feel after plugging in my PAS units...the sound is HUGE!!!! As a test drive, I set the units up outside my garage, put in an Estaban (great guitarist) CD and stood in awe at what I heard. I started walking down the street and couldn't believe how pure the sound remained. I wanted to hear how vocals sounded so I put in a Josh Groban CD...Mr. Groban never sounded so good.”
Bose Tower with Dancers Close Up
A DJ from Cottonport, LA reports, “This weekend I had a gig in a 25,000 sq.ft. building 174 ft wide x 144 ft deep with 16 ft. ceilings. plus 678 people. Two L1's with 8 B1's. All I can say is WOW. I think the song from Top Gun was better "Take my breath away" It was more than words could describe. I had several comments on how clean the system sounded. And the bass was shaking the dance floor.”
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