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Packed dance floors and wedding guests having a great time!Wedding DJ entertainment that pays off! Party Props enhance the celebration.More party props during the wedding festivitiesA well-staged Garter ceremony yielding an entertaining spectacle for everyone in attendance.Friends and family celebrating together where the party's at: on the dance floor.
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Providing innovative Disc Jockey Entertainment on Bald Head Island, along the Grand Strand, and throughout the Carolinas, we will help design and deliver your DREAM WEDDING—from the most elegant formal reception, to an exciting full-throttle celebration! Being YOUR wedding DJ is our full-time job.
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We are: well-prepared with extensive planning completed for YOUR Bald Head Island wedding, fully-experienced serving brides and grooms for decades, well-equipped with new and modern gear all backed up on site , fully-insured providing you with complete coverage, members of the American Disc Jockey Association delivering what is promised and striving for perfection. Call us! We look forward to furnishing references and inviting you to visit one of our events. 800-359-5618
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1. Theme From "A Summer Place", Percy Faith
2. He'll Have To Go, Jim Reeves
3. Cathy's Clown, Everly Brothers
4. Running Bear, Johnny Preston
5. Teen Angel, Mark Dinning
6. I'm Sorry, Brenda Lee
7. It's Now Or Never, Elvis Presley
8. Handy Man, Jimmy Jones
9. Stuck On You, Elvis Presley
10. The Twist, Chubby Checker
11. Everybody's Somebody's Fool, Connie Francis
12. Weld One, Bobby Rydell
13. Greenfields, Brothers Four
14. What In The World's Come Over You, Jack Scott
15. El Paso, Marty Robbins
16. Alley-oop, Hollywood Argyles
17. My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own, Connie Francis
18. Sweet Nothin's, Brenda Lee
19. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini, Brian Hyland
20. Only The Lonely, Roy Orbison
21. Where Or When, Dion & The Belmonts
22. Sixteen Reasons, Connie Stevens
23. Puppy Love, Paul Anka
24. Why, Frankie Avalon
25. Walk, Dont Run, Ventures
26. Save The Last Dance For Me, Drifters
27. Baby (You Got What It Takes), Brook Benton & Dinah Washington
28. Sink The Bismark, Johnny Horton
29. Chain Gang, Sam Cooke
30. Let It Be Me, Everly Brothers
31. Good Timin', Jimmy Jones
32. Beyond The Sea, Bobby Darin
33. Go Jimmy Go, Jimmy Clanton
34. Night, Jackie Wilson
35. Burning Bridges, Jack Scott
36. Because They're Young, Duane Eddy
37. Lonely Blue Boy, Conway Twitty
38. The Big Hurt, Toni Fisher
39. Pretty Blue Eyes, Steve Lawrence
40. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Freddie Cannon
41. Paper Roses, Anita Bryant
42. Mr. Custer, Larry Verne
43. I Want To Be Wanted, Brenda Lee
44. Mule Skinner Blues, Fendermen
45. Cradle Of Love, Johnny Preston
46. Please Help Me, I'm Falling, Hank Locklin
47. You've Got What It Takes, Marv Johnson
48. Love You So, Rod Holden
49. Finger Poppin' Time, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
50. Harbor Lights, Platters
51. Let The Little Girl Dance, Bobby Bland
52. He'll Have To Stay, Jeanne Black
53. Theme From The Apartment, Ferrante & Teicher
54. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu), Bobby Rydell
55. A Million To One, Jimmy Charles
56. The Village Of St. Bernadette, Andy Williams
57. White Silver Sands, Bill Black's Combo
58. The Old Lamplighter, Browns
59. Devil Or Angel, Bobby Vee
60. Down By The Station, Four Preps
61. Forever, Little Dippers
62. Image Of A Girl, Safaris & The Phantom's Band
63. Kiddio, Brook Benton
64. Mission Bell, Donnie Brooks
65. I Love The Way You Love, Marv Johnson
66. It's Time To Cry, Paul Anka
67. Tell Laura I Love Her, Ray Peterson
68. Mama, Connie Francis
69. Footsteps, Steve Lawrence
70. So Sad, Everly Brothers
71. That's All You Gotta Do, Brenda Lee
72. Walking To New Orleans, Fats Domino
73. Among My Souvenirs, Connie Francis
74. Swingin' School, Bobby Rydell
75. A Rockin' Good Way, Dinah Washington & Brook Benton
76. Stairway To Heaven, Neil Sedaka
77. My Home Town, Paul Anka
78. Georgia On My Mind, Ray Charles
79. Cherry Pie, Skip & Flip
80. Wonderful World, Sam Cooke
81. Tracy's Theme, Spencer Ross
82. Lady Luck, Lloyd Price
83. Step By Step, Crests
84. Happy-Go-Lucky Me, Paul Evans
85. Young Emotions, Ricky Nelson
86. Dreamin', Johnny Burnette
87. Poetry In Motion, Johnny Tillotson
88. O Dio Mio, Annette
89. You Talk Too Much, Joe Jones
90. Beatnik Fly, Johnny & The Hurricanes
91. When Will I Be Loved, Everly Brothers
92. Let's Think About Livin', Bob Luman
93. Heartaches By The Number, Guy Mitchell
94. In My Little Corner Of The World, Anita Bryant
95. Doggin' Around, Jackie Wilson
96. Mule Bitty Girl, Bobby Rydell
97. Money, Barret Strong
98. Stay, Maurice Williams
99. Lonely Weekends, Charlie Rich
100. Sandy, Larry Hall

The History of Bald Head Island
For more information go to: The Village of Bald Head Island

The Village's history is peppered with colorful people and connections. Through the years, the island has been a breeding ground for wild boar, a prime hangout for bootleggers, a supplier of materials for cedar pencils, a Civil War fort, a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles, and a produce farm and fruit orchard. Pirates, lighthouse keepers, Indians, river pilots, ruffians, soldiers, farmers, and entrepreneurs of all types have come and gone, and yet, the Village's essence is unchanged. This can only be because the island itself is a living thing, with its own integrity and spirit, its wild beauty more or less disregarding man's inclination to tinker.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, when pirates ruled the waters off the coast of North Carolina with greed and terror, the Village was a favorite refuge and base for the notorious buccaneers. In all, the waters surrounding Cape Fear were a hideaway for hundreds of pirates, the most famous of which were Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, and Stede Bonnet, the gentlemen pirate.
Bonnet, the so-called "Gentlemen Pirate" from Barbados, was an educated retired military officer who turned to piracy in 1717 as a second career in order to escape what one historian tactfully referred to as "the discomforts he found in a married state." During his short stint as a pirate, Bonnet terrorized the Carolina and Virginia coasts aboard his sailing sloop Revenge with 10 guns and 70 men. For a brief time, Bonnet even linked up with Blackbeard, a pirate who never carried the title "gentlemen." In 1718 Blackbeard was cornered and killed aboard his sloop, Adventure , by two warships sent by the governor of Virginia. Just three weeks later, Bonnet was captured at Bonnet's Creek in Southport by Colonel William Rhett of South Carolina and hanged near Charlestown. Their deaths marked a dramatic end to the Golden Age of Piracy in North Carolina.

Long before pirates ever discovered the Village's nooks and crannies, Native Americans hunted Bald Head Island and fished its surrounding waters in the spring and summer while maintaining permanent settlements on the mainland. The island was, in effect, a seasonal retreat for the Native Americans when supplies of corn or grain began running low.

Early river pilots were responsible for giving the Village its unique and descriptive name. Eager to offer their navigational services to ships approaching the entrance to the Cape Fear River, they took up watch on a high dune headland on the southwest point on the island. According to local lore, the headland was worn bare of vegetation, making it stand out in contrast to the forest behind it. This "bald" headland served as a reference point for ships entering the river, and the name Bald Head Island has endured.
The year 1817 saw the construction of the island's most revered landmark and symbol, Old Baldy Lighthouse. Still the island's only "highrise," Old Baldy lighthouse was the second of three lighthouses built on Bald Head Island, and is the only one remaining. In 1903, the lighthouse was decommissioned when the Cape Fear Light was erected on the eastern end of the island, but it still serves as a prominent day marker for mariners. Due to restoration efforts by the Old Baldy Foundation and the generosity of hundreds of contributors, visitors to North Carolina's oldest lighthouse can climb up her 108 steps for a spectacular panoramic view of Bald Head Island.

The foundation of the Cape Fear Light can still be seen at the end of Federal Road across from three lightkeeper's cottages known as Captain Charlie's Station, after Captain Charles Norton Swan, a lighthouse keeper who lived with his family on Bald Head Island from 1903 until 1933. Captain Charlie's Station is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and still commands a sweeping view of the dunes and sea at the island's southeastern point.

In addition to lightkeepers, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the island was home to members of the U.S. Lifesaving Service, the predecessor to the modern day Coast Guard. Several buildings on the southeastern shore of the island overlooking Frying Pan Shoals served as equipment storage and housing for the servicemen. The only remaining Lifesaving Station structure is a boathouse that was moved from the beachfront to back among the dunes where it is now a private residence.
Another symbol of the past presence of lightkeepers and lifesaving servicemen on the island is the Old Boat House on Bald Head Creek, built in 1903 to store supplies and boats. A dramatic change in the shape of the creek channel over the last ninety years makes it appear to have moved several hundred yards.
The most notable feature on the 1864 Blackford map (established by B.L. Blackford) was Fort Holmes, located on the Bald Head promontory at the southwest corner of the island. Most of what we know regarding the fort can be gathered from a detailed sketch of its layout prepared in 1865. In addition, several firsthand accounts prepared by officers at Fort Holmes are extant. The fort had been hurriedly erected in 1863 and 1864 as part of a defense system for the lower Cape Fear. The string of forts from Bald Head to Wilmington kept the river, the "lifeline of the Confederacy," open for blockade runners. Given the presence of two navigable entrances, that at Bald Head and a second above Smith Island at New Inlet, the river was ideal for such traffic.

The sketch of Fort Holmes prepared by Federal occupation forces in 1865 indicates that the earthen breastworks extended the width of the island from the lighthouse to the southwest tip at Bald Head. A road to the opposite end of the island ran through the upper part of the fort. The earthen works, it was noted, were reinforced with palmetto and oak logs. Four batteries extended along the east side of the fort. The fifth and largest, Battery Holmes, with bombproof magazines, was at the island's southwesternmost point. A flagstaff was positioned on the Bald Head promontory. Quarters and storehouses were located in several spots inside the fort.

Despite subtle shifts in sand and sea, Bald Head Island remains much as it was centuries ago. It still serves as a natural sanctuary for educators and students interested in coastal ecology, a home for a special breed of permanent residents that share a kinship of spirit with the hardy, independent lightkeepers and servicemen of days long past, and a refuge for vacationers seeking privacy and rejuvenation in a beautiful, relaxed setting.


How to Overcome “Wedding On the Brain” at Work!
Adapted from an article written by Heather A. Muckle

Are your plans for a wedding consuming your thoughts at work? Use these tips to help you concentrate, focus, and keep your job (!) during a hectic time in your personal life.

Make a schedule. If you just can't resist calling around to vendors, or peeking at wedding websites during work hours, try making a schedule or rules for yourself. For example, if you work for one hour straight, treat yourself to five minutes on UltimateWedding.com. Or, save the wedding fun for your 15-minute breaks and your lunch hour. If you make yourself rules, it creates incentive for you to get your work done and gives you a reward to look forward to.

Ask for a project. Perhaps you find wedding planning to be much more entertaining than your inbox. Try asking your manager to assign you to an exciting project doing something you can get caught up in, whether it is research, sales, or some other type of exciting project that can create goals and incentives for you.

Manage your time. Maybe you are caught up in planning your wedding on Bald head Island at work because you are behind in your plans. Create a calendar, or checklist with firm dates of when you need your wedding jobs done. Make these jobs a priority during your free time and you won't be at work telling yourself that you have too many things to do to be there. Remember you may be getting married, but you still have to make a living!

Make lists. Since there are so many things for you to juggle to keep your wedding afloat, especially on Bald Head Island, it is easy to think about a million wedding to-dos all at once. Do yourself a favor and purchase a small notebook and pen that you can carry with you at all times. This way when you have an idea or to-do item for later, you can jot it down and know that it won't be forgotten.

Use your vacation days. Much of your wedding planning may not fit into your down-time schedule depending on when stores are open, or when you can make time to visit vendors with your fiance. Don't save all of your vacation days for the honeymoon. See if you can bargain and take a day off of work here and there through your planning process to get some extra planning time.

Tried everything and still consumed? Well, maybe that tells you something about where your interests lie! If you have tried to do everything possible to get absorbed in your work, but you remain fascinated with wedding planning, maybe you should look to change careers. If you are bored with sales presentations, but thrilled about wedding planning, perhaps you should consider becoming a wedding planner. Then you will have every right to be consumed with weddings at work!

(Please Note: DJ Entertainment for Bald Head Island Weddings requires LOTS of planing! Give us a call: 1-800-359-5618. We look forward to making your wedding on Bald Head memorable AND fun!)

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