I. TEAM BUILDING! will teach participants the necessity of “pulling together,” by providing opportunities to meet unique challenges that require using the following teamworking skills in order to attain their goals:
   A. Positive Attitude

   B. Cooperation
       1. Pooling Resources
       2. Sharing Leadership

   C. “There’s No ‘I’ in TEAM”
Everyone on the Tripod Challenge
Water Balloon Volleyball Challenge
II. TEAM BUILDING! will reinforce the positive effect these skills have, by demonstrating their influence on a team’s ability to achieve success, in conjunction with the session’s activities.

TEAM BUILDING! will create an increased sense of lasting camaraderie amongst the participants, by providing them with the shared experiences of accomplishing together the varied and unusual tasks that make up the TEAM BUILDING! session.
Here's a simple summary of our basic TEAM BUILDING! Objectives:
  • To get to know each other better
  • To improve communication, trust, and respect
  • To break down barriers and enhance morale
  • To recognize and capitalize on one another’s talents and contributions
  • To foster creativity and problem solving
  • To become better acquainted with and understand various styles of leadership
  • To build team “Spirit” which will lead to efficiency in the workplace/group
  • To have FUN
Though the center of operations of TEAM BUILDING! is Myrtle Beach, SC, our presenters have conducted sessions throughout the southeastern US for over 20 years for groups ranging in size from eight to over 150 individuals. Contact us. We look forward to creating a customized presentation that will meet the unique needs and special requirements of your group.
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