How much does it cost?

Sessions can range from $1,000 to $5,000 hinging on group size, location, and the combinations of activities chosen. Call for a customized price quote meeting your requirements.

How far will you travel?

Our high and low ropes course is located in North Myrtle Beach, SC. We can provide our Pioneering and Survival Activities, Beach Olympics, and Miscellaneous Challenge Activities throughout the Southeast

How many people can participate in a session?

The optimum number of people on one team is from five to eight individuals. A maximum of three teams can compete in the Team Building! session at any one time. (Multiple sessions, running concurrently are available. Please call for information.)

How is a group divided into teams?

Normally, teams are composed of an equal number of individuals who already work together back home. If you haven’t already determined who will be with who, your presenter will divide all participants into teams following the “introduction period” during the Team Building! session.

What if we don’t have all the skills needed to complete an activity?

Your presenter will provide a short period of instruction and all the explanations necessary before each activity, so that each team can meet the challenges successfully. Also, each team will need to work together and rely on each other, while using the skills they already possess.

Are there any age or health restrictions?

Team Building! participants can be any age and should be in good health.

What about liability insurance?

For our rope course challenges, liability coverage is provided and participants will sign a waiver.

How much space is required?

Team Building! sessions held indoors should be in a meeting room with at least 1,000 square feet of open space for every three teams participating.

Is anything else needed?

The session area should have enough seating for each participant, water for hydration purposes should be accessible, and restroom facilities should be nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ropes Challenge Courses

Are ropes courses safe?
Safety comes first in everything we do during our TEAM BUILDING! sessions. Our ropes courses are designed, built, maintained, and run by certified ropes course personnel, and only state-of-the-art safety equipment is used. Our ropes courses are inspected by a certified Ropes Course Vendor annually and regular, rigorous inspections are done quarterly. Additionally, prior to every TEAM BUILDING! session, an inspection is given for each element to be used. On ropes courses, the actual risk is very low. It is the perceived risk that provides powerful experiences that can be used to foster personal and team growth.
What about age and physical ability? Do participants have to be young and physically fit?
Part of the beauty of our TEAM BUILDING! ropes course challenges are that everyone can participate, regardless of physical ability or age. There are no failures on our ropes courses. We use the “challenge by choice” approach so that each participant measures success by his/her own aspirations. Most participants discover that they are capable of participating at a much greater level than they anticipated or give themselves credit for, but at no time is pressure put on anyone to attempt an activity in which they are emotionally or physically uncomfortable.

What is the difference between low ropes and high ropes course challenges?
Our TEAM BUILDING! low ropes challenge course focuses more on a combined team approach. The activities draw on problem-solving skills which lead the group members to share ideas, plan, and cooperate to carry out the tasks. Our
TEAM BUILDING! high ropes challenge course provides further opportunity for teamwork, with more emphasis placed on the individual challenging themselves during the activities. Our high ropes challenge course provide opportunities for participants to expand their comfort zones, sometimes dramatically, and to overcome fears that can block personal development and achievement. Our specially-presented lead-up activities provide the ground work for team-wide encouragement and support of each individual team member during the session.

What if certain members of the team are afraid of heights?
If a team member is afraid of heights, simply climbing a few steps up a ladder or tree can be a major accomplishment and source of pride. As stated above, no one will be pressured into participating beyond their “comfort zone”. Our TEAM BUILDING! approach emphasizes team-wide encouragement, support, and respect for each individual team member's efforts and personal decisions.

What size group is needed to participate in the ropes challenge courses?
Nine to twelve participants per instructor is recommended. If you have more, we will provide two or more rope course facilitators. As with all our
TEAM BUILDING! sessions, we can accommodate larger groups by running sessions concurrently, scheduling unique times for different teams, or having teams rotate round-robin style between activities.

How long does a ropes challenge course take?
We can customize the
TEAM BUILDING! ropes course experience to meet the varied needs of the group. Normally, the sessions can run from a half day to a full day. Multi-day sessions are also possible.

What if the weather is bad the day of the ropes challenge courses?
Typically ropes course workshops will run rain or shine. In the event of lightning or high winds, we will take a break to see if the weather clears. If the weather does not allow for outdoor activities, we can go inside and present a selection of portable,
TEAM BUILDING! indoor adventure activities.

What distinguishes what you do on your ropes course from the others out there?
We employ the best and brightest facilitators all of whom are passionate about our work in this field.
Our experience and qualification supports our mission to have the best trained employees in the business. In addition to our presentation skills, we are motivated to make each participant's experience of the TEAM BUILDING! ropes challenge courses both meaningful and memorable.

What do I need to wear?
Like all of our
TEAM BUILDING! indoor and outdoor sessions, it's necessary to dress comfortably. For safety reasons, closed-toe shoes as in sneakers are required.  In cold conditions, it is suggested all participants wear layered of clothing, making it possible to shed layers after warm up, and replace them as necessary during inactivity. You do not need your jewelry on the ropes courses. 

Q.  What are the prices?

Q.  Do you have different packages to offer groups?

Though the center of operations of TEAM BUILDING! is Myrtle Beach, SC, our presenters have conducted sessions throughout the southeastern US for over 20 years for groups ranging in size from eight to over 150 individuals. Contact us. We look forward to creating a customized presentation that will meet the unique needs and special requirements of your group.
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