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At TEAM BUILDING! we believe learning readily happens while you’re actively and purposively engaged, and learning can even happen while you’re having fun. We also believe the best kind of learning can occur when you’re not thinking about yourself, but are totally focused on “getting it done!” TEAM BUILDING! is all about learning to do it together. And together, the principles of our company have been doing it for over fifty years. We’ll put together a beneficial and meaningful session incorporating a variety of activities from which you can choose, in accordance with your level of eagerness, readiness, competitiveness, and willingness. You’ll discover we’re flexible, ever safety-minded, and always fully-prepared to accommodate the unique needs of your group.

Larry Green
Pioneering Activities Facilitator
Larry Green coaching a Scout patrol on working together as a team.

Pictured to the right with members of one of his Boy Scout youth groups , Larry Green has spent over twenty years teaching outdoor survival skills and conducting seminars on teamwork for businesses, civic groups, and as a trainer of adult leaders for the Boy Scouts of America over a five state area. He is a longtime Scoutmaster, and in his own troop, Scout patrols of youth from 11-18 years of age have consistently placed “first” in biannual competitions in an area containing over 10,000 Scouts. "What works with the Boy Scouts works with adults even better. I've taken patrols of young men into competitions where they were completely unfamiliar with the challenge activities. But, because they were so adept at working together as a team, they romped over forty other patrols, including those who were previously introduced to the events and had even practiced before entering the competition. It's all about teamwork—learning to pull together, pooling your resources, and cooperating with one another! Working together in this fashion is not only productive and rewarding, it's also a lot of fun! Nothing succeeds like success!"

Before formally entering the team building arena, Larry Green was a school teacher for socially maladjusted youth in New York City. On the job, he taught music to students who were placed in his care because they had previously been violent to teachers in other schools. He formed a band with a group of these teenagers and took them all the way to first place in a sixteen region, statewide competition. Even back then, under those conditions, he knew what was required to "band" folks together into a successful team. "A performing band is an excellent and shining example of the best kind of teamwork. In order to sound good, it was necessary for those violent young men to cooperate with each other. They depended upon one another and the end result was a proud group of strong individuals who learned how to DO IT. . . TOGETHER!"

Jane Millen
Low Ropes and High Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator

Jane Ingram Millen is among the most experienced ropes course facilitators in the Southeast. A teacher with 33 years of total teaching experience—25 of which she has taught the ropes course—she has more than 300 hours of training in challenge ropes course experience. This includes five 4-day workshops through Project Adventure, a foremost international education organization that provides leadership in the expansion of adventure-based experiential programming. She is a Certified Practitioner (Level II) in the Challenge Ropes Course through Project Adventure, which she earned in 2002 and again in 2007. She also holds a Challenge Course Managers Certificate through Project Adventure Inc. Her extensive experience includes workshops with Cornerstone Design Inc., Signature Research, Odyssey Performance Enhancement, facilitating ten 40-hour teacher training sessions on challenge ropes courses, and presenting multiple 8-hour workshops on the Myrtle Beach Middle School ropes course. She is trained in peer mediation/conflict resolutions, is certified in CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and is also certified in archery by the National Archery in the Schools Program.

A 1977 graduate of Coker College in Hartsville, South Carolina, Jane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education/Health. She also attended Coastal Carolina University in Conway, and earned a Master of Arts degree in Education from Cambridge College in Boston, Massachusetts. Since 1984, she has taught at Myrtle Beach Middle School where she was named Teacher of the Year in 1995. Her professional affiliations include the Association of Challenge Course Technology, Project Adventure, Inc., the South Carolina Education Association, the South Carolina Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, and the National Archery Association.

Though the center of operations of TEAM BUILDING! is Myrtle Beach, SC, our presenters have conducted sessions throughout the southeastern US for over 20 years for groups ranging in size from eight to over 150 individuals. Contact us. We look forward to creating a customized presentation that will meet the unique needs and special requirements of your group.
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