Your wedding day is YOUR wedding day. You and your fiance have formed a unique partnership shaped by your individual tastes and personal style. No doubt, the folks you've invited know this, love you for who you are, and will naturally appreciate that the two of you are what makes your very special day . . . special.

It follows that every facet, phase, segment, and stage of your wedding celebration should be in accordance with your individuality. (If you decide to include anything as part of your festivities that runs counter to your preferences, it should only be done because of your own choice to accommodate wishes of your friends and/or relations.)

Adding your personal style to your wedding reception "is all about putting your fingerprints on every page of your reception plan so the music, guest interactions, and memorable moments will all feel like they were created uniquely for you.
*" Helping you develop each page of your celebration from an entertainment standpoint and facilitating their presentation is your Entertainment Director's full-time job, providing the assurance your unique vision of this most special day will be realized and enjoyed by your family, your friends, and most importantly by you.

* reprinted with permission from "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!" by Peter Merry

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