The difference between a traditional wedding coordinator and your wedding's Entertainment Director is the latter approaches all that happens during your wedding celebration from a seasoned entertainment perspective . . .

To allow the flow of your celebration to proceed unhindered and in accordance with your reception plan, we contact and thoroughly acquaint your catering/banquet staff, photographer, videographer and venue personnel with your unique agenda and timeline. During the festivities, from behind the scenes, we assure all the entertaining segments and memorable moments you've chosen to feature are well-paced and well-presented.

As your Entertainment Director, we serve as the reception coordinator and follow a Reception Entertainment Checklist which we attend to before and during the festivities:


    √ Bride and Groom’s Names
    √ Bride and Groom’s Contact Information  
    √ Bride and Groom’s Reception Priorities  
    √ Bride and Groom’s Background Information  
    √ Bride and Groom’s Likes and Dislikes  
    √ Bride and Groom’s Future Plans  

    √ Reception Times  
    √ Reception Site Address  and Driving Directions
    √ Reception Site Coordinator and Contact Information
    √ Reception Site Physical Layout  
    √ Reception Site Electrical Layout  

    √ Photographer Name and Contact Information  
    √ Videographer Name and Contact Information  
    √ Caterer Name and Contact Information  

    √ Reception Sound Reinforcement Requirements determined  
    √ Reception Lighting Requirements defined  

    √ Welcome written
    √ Welcome rehearsed

    √ Cocktail Time Music selected  
    √ Cocktail Time Features and/or Activities planned

    √ Names of Wedding Party Phonetically Spelled  
    √ Order of Grand Entrance Introductions defined  
    √ Music for Grand Entrance selected  
    √ Music for Grand Entrance adjusted or edited  
    √ Grand Entrance Introductions written  
    √ Grand Entrance rehearsed  

    √ Name of Person giving a Blessing Phonetically Spelled  

    √ Music for Mealtime selected  
    √ MealtIme Features and/or Activities planned  
    √ Buffet Line and/or Food Station Procedures defined  

    √ Names of Folks giving a Toast Phonetically Spelled  
    √ Toast Introductions written  
    √ Recordings of specific individuals unable to attend completed  

    √ Music for Special Dances selected  
    √ Voice-over Recordings completed  
    √ Music for Special Dances adjusted or edited  

    √ Party-Start Method determined

    √ Music for Open Dancing selected
    √ Music for Open Dancing prepared  

    √ Open Dancing Special Features and/or Activities chosen and planned  
    √ Props and Items for Open Dancing Special Features and/or Activities procured  

    √ Cake Cutting Music selected  
    √ Cake Cutting Ceremony planned  
    √ Garter Removal planned  
    √ Garter Removal Music selected  
    √ Bouquet Toss planned  
    √ Bouquet Toss Music selected  

    √ Last Dance planned  
    √ Last Dance Music selected
    √ Grand Send-off planned  

    √ All Music and Recordings “play listed” in both performance and backup computers    

    √ Reception Agenda prepared and printed  

    √ Reception Agenda shared with other Vendors

    √ All required sound and lighting e√uipment positioned for set up

    √ All sound equipment set up in each zone as re√uired

    √ Cases and equipment covers properly stored

    √ All wires taped or tucked

    √ Control of venue lighting established
    √ Control of venue sound system established

    √ New batteries placed in cordless microphones

    √ Music and Microphones sound-checked

    √ Screen and projector positioned and tested

    √ Lighting Effects set up and tested

    √ Reception Agenda and Program Notes placed at console
    √ Playlist for cocktail time readied

    √ Pen in pocket

    √ Required Props and Materials readied and positioned for Cocktail Time, Special Dances, Mealtime Entertainment, Special Presentations, Money Dance, Open Dancing, Garter Ceremony, Last Dance, and Send-off

    √ Wedding attire changed into

    √ Agenda reviewed with Reception Site Coordinator and other vendors

    √ Where Wedding Party will be situated upon arrival prior to Grand Entrance established
    √ Grand Entrance route and position of guests for same established

    √ Cocktail Music playing as guests arrive.

    √ Guests greeted and acquainted with gift table, and seating arrangements
    √ Cocktail Time Features and/or Activities implemented

    √ Wedding Party greeted upon their arrival, and are situated and refreshed

    √ Individual who will be saying the blessing and where they will be seated is identified

    √ Guests readied for Grand Entrance
    √ Wedding Party positioned and coached for Grand Entrance

    √ Guests welcomed
    √ Grand entrance implemented


    √ Bride and Groom are alerted to impending toast and dances with their parents

    √ Parents are alerted and readied for Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances

    √ Individuals giving a toast coached
    √ Champagne readied prior to toast
    √ Guests informed of impending toasts

    √ Cake Cutting paraphernalia on cake table


    √ Best man and/or Maid/Matron of Honor coached for Money Dance

    √ Wedding Party is readied for Garter Ceremony

    √ Bride’s Throwing Bouquet is positioned for Bou√uet Toss


Entertainment that is well-planned and coordinated is by far the chief ingredient contributing to the success of your wedding celebration. When presented by your qualified Entertainment Director, your family and friends will experience your reception as romantic and memorable, and one that is filled with laughter and fun.

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